Realizing dreams you forgot you had…

Although this blog was started just to follow, like, and comment to a friend  who is becoming quite the writer BTW,  as well as just an inspiring person …

I figure I might as well use it as a platform, to share my own love of art and music and the occasional inspiration if it comes across as such.

  Let me start by saying … As a child growing up in the 70’s and 80’s and having people in my life who were still hanging on to the hippie movement of the late 60s . Music came to have a special place in my makeup. I remember many a late night at my drawing table with 78’s spinning on my record player as I would while away the hours. I always thought it would be awesome to have my art adorn one of those covers.  The Beach Boys “Endless Summer” double album comes to mind as “in my room” played through the speakers. As the 80s began and preteen rebellion slowly began to take place, my tastes turned a little harder and guitars screamed louder.

Today my musical tastes are all over the map, but my roots are rock and blues and generally guitars .Never coordinated enough to play myself I still include it in, and draw inspiration from it when creating the visual art that I can do.

As the years have come and gone, and my artist hobby has been abandoned and embraced off and on while raising a family, I really threw myself back into it in early 2014 as a broken marriage left me alone and searching for soul. I’ve always found it there in the past, and figured that was the best place to start looking again.

As proof of “You never know who’s watching” I was contacted last year by an old Jr High school acquaintance who I had envied as a guitar player, even back then. We discussed some ideas he had for a band that was forming and a new musical direction for him playing drums and singing… Fargo Strut was the name…and yes its named after the 70s wrestling legend Jackie Fargo.  Its metal, but its not dark. Just fun, heavy grooving, riff metal he said. He sent me a link to YouTube to hear the only song that was available anywhere at the time.

  Just a two piece back then, this was where our journey started together.

I loved it… and we got together to discuss his vision for the eventual album ” Across the Sky” . I had done some small logo creation for a couple of folks in the past and possessed the CorelDraw software that I was (and still am) learning. I also suffer from this genetic condition called “I think I can do that” Lol. So Challenge Accepted!!!

After many meetings , a trash can full of discarded sketches, and countless edited and saved Corel files …(for example, one was saved as”onemorelastfuckingF” lol. Because the lastfucking F  wasn’t.  I was getting a little frustrated with myself and computer crashes, and work not saving when it did )  ..We finally had something we were both happy with and the S and the rest of the art fell into place quickly. The feeling of satisfaction is great when two picky artists of different medias are in one accord and you just feel its right.. This is what we had created


In the process Billy and I have went from middle school acquaintances to good friends and I have even more respect for him as an artist and musician.Same with the rest of the band which is now a 4 piece… Its ccol to look inside the brains of people like him a little deeper. People with  Vision .


Last week a dream from childhood that i never even persued came to realization, and the Across the Sky album is available to purchase… Adorning the cover is the art of yours truly…

And that’s pretty cool


One thought on “Realizing dreams you forgot you had…

  1. Awe David this is so great on so many levels. Thank you for your kind words and the shout out and thank you for all the trouble you went through to create this account to follow me and comment on my posts.
    It’s awesome you decided to write yourself and use this platform, I loved to read this story all over even after knowing the story and process you went through. I think I might have seen a few of the fucking F’s in the process lol.
    I’m beyond proud of you (and that on many levels as well as you know) and this is such a huge accomplishment. It came out great and it’s a huge achievement. ❤️😉

    Liked by 1 person

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