Do What Grabs You


These 4 words!

It doesn’t matter who you are or what your interests are, you have be true to yourself to get the most satisfaction out of life. The late Denny Dent said “Whether you’re a butcher, a baker, or candle stick maker…Do it with passion!  As an artist who has spent many hours of my younger days sign painting, It seems this new direction of art would only be natural..

The idea was to reign in some street traffic to our art show held last month. We happened to be hosting the same time as a car show and the kickoff of the Depot District weekend festival and live music performances.. 1474670316377


What better way than live painting and a phot-op board to catch attention. People love to stick their face in a hole and become somebody else.. its a scientific fact! hahaha. Its just fun. Once this caught their attention we could have them step inside for more art. and it worked like a charm.cropped-1474932502461.jpgimg_20160923_184627

img_20160923_141147I think its good for the mind to mix things up a bit, and volunteering to do this face hole board for the team…I quickly realized it was a break from my normal thinking and creating process. So with a rough sketch, about $40 worth of lumber and the paint I had on hand I got started.


In the sketch, I decided I wanted a stereotypical beret wearing artist painting a woman who was interacting with him …reaching out of the canvas…Pulling him in.. Somewhere along the process the phrase” Do what grabs you” came to mind. That’s kind of the way it is with art for me. I’m drawn to it and I find at times I cant tear away from some form of creative thinking!! .” It Grabs Me !

1474233052855To see people interacting with and laughing at your creation is a feeling of success. 1474679513561Faceholes are Fun!!! img_20160919_224745



2 thoughts on “Do What Grabs You

  1. You have such a gift my friend and I don’t mean that to be only in the art aspect. I’m honored to be your friend and you and your way of thinking, your kindness, support and love for others and doing amazing things overall, continue to inspire me.

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