Because Halloween and Rock-n-Roll!!!

…And FaceHoles are fun!   My Latest Work of Art

A Photo-Op/FaceHole  board created for McGriff’s Halloween Hellfest party. This was such a fun piece to do. If not for time constraints, I had so many more things to add! But at some point you just have to call it done and move on. Even so, this has got to be high on the list of all-time favorites!



This was created for a private party of rock-n-rollers with 3 live bands scheduled to take the stage. My friends from Fargo Strut, along with Vahalla , and Mindset Defect. Unfortunately, Mindset was forced to cancel.

Of the two acts remaining on the bill, I knew we were in for a treat all the same. And they did not disappoint!


Fargo Strut sounded phenomenal in their set and let us in on some new tunes they have been writing! I’m here to tell you, the title track from the next album in progress, will rock your socks off! And New Art ideas are swirling about the ol’ noggin.


And Vahalla (pictured below) is always so full of Energy! Terry Pallace screams out lyrics much the way you would hear from some old Judas Priest albums. Always fun to watch!

vahalla-by-anita-lovinsvahalla1vahalla3What a great night! I’ll tell you this…The McGriffs sure know how to throw a Halloween party!





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