Crazy cat lady…

You never can be quite sure what you’re going to get when moving into a new neighborhood. For the most part it has been a pretty quiet street, people wave but pretty much keep to themselves. Or so it had been..


 I had heard of the two sisters that live across the street as I was moving in, nothing derogatory really, just that they keep a close eye on the little dead end street. My early observation was that they always come out together, One sits on the front porch steps to smoke and look around while the other one busies herself around the yard. Usually in a frantic hurried fashion, and usually calling the names of a few varied cats. If I’ve heard the name Lucy once I’ve heard it a hundred times in the short 2 months I’ve lived here. God love her..Its somewhat comical to watch from my vantage point.

Early yesterday while scrolling the interweb, I ran across a picture of this painted cat…


I laughed to myself and thought of cat lady… “If I could somehow get ole Lucy around back for a paint job”  lol. Then just sit on the porch and wait 🙂

Later that same day I stepped out to the porch and there they were, in what seemed like more of the same…

Sister one was in her usual mounted location. Sister two was running around the yard. But she appeared more distressed than usual. She ran around the corner of the house and back a couple of times pleading to sister one. I heard her say “OMG ,It’s rolled up in a ball, it’s not breathing…what should I do??? ”  Instantly I feel guilty about wanting to paint Lucy, as I’m pretty sure her cat has died. Damn!

Then she spots me on the porch. ” Oh please come here!!! It’s an emergency!!! I prepare myself to go scoop up her beloved cat and start the walk across the street… She’s so frantic and cant bear to look around the corner but also cant stay away from that side of the house… Poor woman.

I’m a little perplexed as I get closer and spot 4×4 posts forming a tunnel into a live trap. She’s still frantic ” Oh my God I’ve killed it, Oh my God he’s rolled up in a ball, Oh my God he’s not breathing , Oh my God!!!

Closer still I see a young armadillo and smile to myself. I try to assure her that that’s what they do, With that armor to protect itself while it sleeps.. He’s probably fine .She’s not hearing it. She tries to get close and runs away again ” But it’s not breathing, I cant see it moving! ” I pick up the cage a little and rattle the sleeping ‘dillo. Smiling again as it pulls its head from the ball and looks to see what’s going on. Armadillos being fairly new migrants to Tennessee, I had never seen one alive and up close 🙂

Expecting relief in her actions, I call to her around the corner ” It’s ok, He’s fine.”.


From the front yard she comes …

“Oh my God , It’s going to starve to death…Oh my God , I’m going to kill it! How’s it been eating??? I haven’t checked the trap since last night!  I don’t know how long it’s been in there! Oh my God I don’t want to kill it!”

She continues to tell me that she has called her daughter and she was going to take it to the woods to release it but she couldn’t come till 6. “What time is it ??? I don’t want it to starve to death!”

I think he will be ok for another twenty minutes ma’am. 🙂

As I am headed back home sister number one remains seated on the porch where she has been the whole time ,calmly smoking  her cigarette, shaking her head. Though she never even looked, I hear her say ” I told you it was alright”



8 thoughts on “Crazy cat lady…

  1. A nice article and one my two furry friends and I enjoyed.
    Sir Winston says because of living in the Black Forest he´s never seen an armadillo before but he´s fascinated by it.
    Mr Midnight asks where can one purchase such great sunglasses – they are really cool.
    Meow, purr purr and kind regards from our blog “Gilmours Nice Place”.

    Liked by 1 person

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