The muse…

More art posted on the  “my Art” page… Here’s a behind the scenes on how this piece came about.

“Call Me” Acrylic canvas -David Fultz


This painting was inspired by a friend , a muse of sorts.  We only met once as there are many miles between us…. Also an artist we had things in common and discussed a lot of different things over the phone and got to know one another over a period of several months. Inspiring art through conversation was something we shared. It may be a twenty minute sketch challenge to illustrate a conversation we were having, just different things. She liked being the muse really …Life has taken us separate directions and we don’t talk much anymore but Ill remember her fondly for being an inspiration.

While preparing the entry forms for an art show I entered this in, someone asked what was the title. “I don’t know… but she looks a whole lot like, Call Me”.  She does and that’s where the title came from. Now you know a little more behind the scenes on this piece . Check out the My Art link at the top of this page for more work. And thanks for stopping by


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