3 day music challenge…#1

A subject after my own heart.. Anyone who knows me, knows I listen to a lot of different music. A backdrop for my day whenever possible.. music decorates the silence the same way visual art decorates my space. So thanks to my good friend Rhapsody Boheme I gladly accept this nomination to share a video for the next three days.

In the few months I’ve lived here I think I have only turned on the TV twice. But the Bose speakers play all day everyday that I’m home. 🙂 I’m a bit of a rocker by nature but I’ll give anything a chance. And I guess the mood has struck me lately for different than norm. I’ve been in a bit of a discovery mode.

With that… and the passing of the great voice that is Leonard Cohen, I just found this song earlier today and thought Id start with it 🙂 Plus the art in the video is nice.  Although my two favorites of his are: Everybody Knows , and I’m Your Man…This one is pretty cool too and sometimes I find myself back on “Boogie Street”  Enjoy

And as far as nominating someone else…I am a newby on wordpress and haven’t got anyone I should pressure with such responsibility lol. So if you feel it too, help yourself and tag me 🙂 I’d like to see what you are listening to


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