Day 3, We cancervive…

Today I took advantage of the afternoon and nice weather to go out and begin learning how to use my new Canon T5 camera. Always a lover of photography I have never owned a decent camera until now and was a little excited to see what I could find to shoot…

 While walking the trail at Barfield Park in search of some fall color, I had sat down on the bench to examine all the settings when this couple came walking by…


Dressed alike as they were , both wearing black ball caps to cover bald heads …from all appearances, she has obviously been going through some things and he was in full support mode. I don’t know their story or their names, and am only left to assume what kind of a battle they are fighting. But it was a touching moment and one of my favorite photo of the day 🙂

So for the last day of this 3 day music challenge , as tagged by Rhapsody Boheme I choose this emotional video by Dee Snider…

This goes out to these two unknown warriors! Also to the best friend my twins could ever ask for, Jordan, who was diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma during his 5th week of bootcamp at the young age of 18.



 Cancer is not always the winner in today’s battlefield and I am blessed to know many who have fought hard and are still winning!



4 thoughts on “Day 3, We cancervive…

    1. Jordan is an inspiring young man, He has been released from the army and finally came home to finish treatment. Always a warrior with a great spirit ! And I cant take credit for the title lol…An Instagram account by the same name liked that photo of the kids when I shared it 🙂 But agree it is brilliant!!

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