Wild Impassioned Madness…


Poetry based, loosely, on true events of the recent super moon


Super moon shining, through an open window pane. I sense your presence closer, calling out my name…A face appears from shadows, above silhouetted breasts, Tearing at the blankets, clawing at my chest…

A tempest brews deep inside you, I can see it in your eyes… I feel your warmth and wetness, the quiver of your thighs… I taste the coming storm, upon the tip of my tongue, Wild Impassioned Madness, Just like when we were young…

Daylight comes as I awake, reaching across an empty bed… I search the room to my dismay..

Had I drempt it all in my head?

As I laid there in the silence, backstepping through my tracks,

If none of this has happened , How’d I get these scratches down my back?



So, what’s with all these vivid dreams lately ???



5 thoughts on “Wild Impassioned Madness…

  1. Thanks Rhapsody 😉 either way I like dreams . When I was taking Chantix to quit smoking, The doctor warned me of the dreams…Some cant handle it, he said. I said bring it. Looking forward to it! There were a few…that one may be another post one day Lol.


  2. I’m not sure if it’s true but I’ve heard that the more creative you are, the more vivid your dreams could be. Do you get vivid dreams when you have a project going on? It’s just an interesting idea, though.

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    1. Most of the time I don’t dream that I remember, when I do dream it’s very vivid , even if it makes no sense, lol. And I still remember some years later. This one could possibly be related to the current project and subject matter …it’s hard to say without knowing 😂

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