I can be a Bear…


Challenged to give some thought to animals and their nature and how we can relate as humans… I choose the ultimate earth animal.

Although I already knew it would be the bear, for its strong grounding force and dual nature… things I’ve read, while compiling my thoughts, reinforce that connection.  I found it to be fascinating and will surely inspire some art in my future…Thank you for that Liz C. and for the nomination on Daily Warriors . I also enjoyed reading the 10 things dogs teach us on your post hahaha.

The bear spirit is one of Strength, Confidence, and Courage . A sovereign beast whose presence commands respect while it walks around mostly mellow and easy going. It takes a threat to see the bad side of a bear. At the same time when you do see a bear attack it is with swift decision and a fierceness that has shaken people to their core with fear. In reality if you were to visit Yellowstone National Park where bears are abundant, your chances of being attacked are 1 in 2.8 million  . Pretty good odds that they don’t have a desire to eat you. 🙂 Still .. to be the unlucky one… demands that you give them space.

Bears hibernation in the winter months can be likened to taking the time for some solitude…It’s important to slow down and spend some time in introspection. I can relate as I find myself withdrawing ,at times, from the crowd and the daily grind.


I like to get out in nature and reconnect with myself and the earth . It feels like home to me and takes me back to my carefree youth.


That’s my thoughts on ” lessons and motivations”  from my spirit animal the bear.

I was going to tag a friend ( Rhapsody ) on this as she is the Animal Whisperer. Animals seem to be drawn to her unalarming presence in the wild. As is true to the Vision of the Hawk. She posted Spirit Visit before I tagged her lol.

As a bonus, I read that an ancient word for Bear is Arth (or Art) and that the constellation Ursa is best visible in April… My birth month!











8 thoughts on “I can be a Bear…

  1. This is way cool and no wonder I like you so much since bears are my favorite animal. Strong, wild and free. I love all the connections with your birth month, the ancient name etc. and I find it very interesting. Given that one is willing to see the signs and not chalk it up to coincidence.
    Thank you so much for your words that I hold always very dear to my heart. You know they mean a lot and are like medicine to me. Words from someone special I’m grateful to be in my tribe and honored to be considered a friend. Big bear hug for you, tonight and always. ❤️

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    1. Yes!! I was intrigued to read the connections that seemed to reinforce what we had discussed earlier in the year, Very cool! And you are welcome 🙂 Since the day we met I knew we would be friends and very similar in a lot of ways. I love Big bare hugs and back at you my friend !!

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  2. This is so cool! I watched the video and I was wondering how on earth do these creatures manage to look so cute and cuddly and strong and powerful??? HAHA!

    Great choice, Dave. It’s really interesting how we can learn from everything around us if we just look at them from a different perspective. I look forward to your artworks inspired by this! ❤

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    1. Thank you Liz 🙂 I got a little sidetracked thinking about this and reading on Celtic bear goddesses like Artio , Or the Viking Berserkers . Lol. But yes it is interesting to think this animal of Absolute Primal Power is also the cute Teddy Bears tucked into the beds of our children 🙂

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