Outing with the new camera…


Auto settings and some creative edits for now.

I went out in hopes of a sunset but the clouds didn’t cooperate. Even so It was a nice afternoon out attempting to learn the new camera. I was a little frustrated that I could not easily find a manual setting to capture the moody sky in the proper light..it is what it is for today and More study needed.

I did however capture a Blue Heron which I love …So we will call the day success .


And this…was pretty cool too .



Any tips on manual settings gladly accepted 🙂


2 thoughts on “Outing with the new camera…

  1. Love the pictures and you did great ❤️.
    I shoot mostly in the M setting (manual). By turning your wheel on the back of the camera, facing you (not the top) you will gain creative control such as how dark or light you want the picture. Try to turn it while holding the camera on a subject you want to shoot and see on the display screen how your picture is changing. Good luck. Can’t wait to see your next pics.

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