Moon dog



If you are to love , love as the moon loves… It doesn’t steal the night. It only unveils the beauty of the dark -Isra Al Thibeh


4 thoughts on “Moon dog

  1. Did I ever tell you that David Coverdale shopped at the Sephora I used to manage? He came in one day (I didn’t know that it was him), said hello darlin with his English accent to me and asked for a fragrance he horribly mispronounced lol. I was in the middle of something and went to one of my employees asking them to help the Whitesnake wanna look like guy out. Lol. They knew it really was him and informed that he was the real deal 😂😂😂. I guess he owns a house in Tahoe…surprise. He looked the same, older but the huge hair and bad scared up skin when standing close.

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