New year, Same me…a year in review


As I reflect back over 2016… I see that life is good. I’m Happy and I’m on track.


I started out with nothing, and I still have most of it left.



This past year has held some Major life events…

To begin:


Completing school in February with a one hundred percent score, and one of a couple, to receive the highest HVAC tech level, was something I never saw happening. My best friend and now working partner has been in this business, as a sideline, for about 7 years. And for about 7 years he has been twisting my arm to come work with him. “It’s not for me” I told him. “Honestly , I’m not a real mechanically minded guy, I’m an Artist” “I really don’t think I can wrap my brain around it… I mean laws of thermal transfer, refrigeration cycles and TXV metering ??? …that’s not a natural thought process for a guy who is captivated by the golden hour of sunset, or the way light seems to emit from a pretty smile.”  I observe things, I’m one who notices beauty in all its forms. An artist eye….  But it seems it was about the second class in the fall of 2015 that the light bulb just came on and it made sense.  So with a Universal EPA certification and an understanding and simplifying of the diagnostic process,  I have something to fall back on and continue building on. I’ve also been blessed with some invaluable field training from a great teacher with 37 years in the business.


Crane setting a rooftop unit as Jim directs the driver.



To follow my completion was My twins, my BABIES 🙂 Graduated from High School in May 2016


It’s kind of surreal that all 4 of them are grown and such beautiful people. It wasn’t always easy raising them and I did work a lot … but it was always fun. So many experiences and laughs when these four start drumming up memories. I love the bond they have as siblings. 🙂  It does my heart good to know they are close and can count on one another. Although I probably cant take credit for that.  Any problems I’ve had with their mother doesn’t change the fact that she’s tried hard to be good momma and taught them some valuable things to carry through life.




My oldest son also got engaged last year to that pretty little thing on the right 🙂


June brought yet another major event. The Divorce


It’s been a long time coming and we had been separated since about this time 3 years ago.  All the tragedy that was the end of that lifelong love affair had already been dealt with and long since healed from. The finalization just 3 days from what would have been our 25th anniversary, was viewed as a final and official freedom from a distant memory. A clean slate to officially start life anew and build it as I see fit. It’s funny though to consider, how someone who was once your closest ally and bedmate, can become such a stranger over time. It is as it should be though and was a blessing in disguise.

2016 also brought me closer to a lifelong love affair with ART


As well as buying a camera and beginning to learn to use it manually. The old school me has been painting and mingling. Through association with and being a founding member of the Smyrna Artist Cooperative, I have come in contact with some pretty amazing people in our local art community. I’ve made new likeminded friends, strengthened bonds with old ones,



and for the first time in my livelong life, I participated in showing work in two shows this past year. (as well as creating its logo and media)





For the Love of Music. 2016 held a lot of live shows!!


One of my faves… Lincoln Durham at Nashville’s Exit/In



2016 saw my first CD cover design and band logo go to print

Through the friendship established with these guys, I’ve had the opportunity to meet a lot of fine musicians this year. I’ve attended a lot of live performances , and it makes me happy. Music decorates the silence as visual art decorates a space. The two are and always will be close to my heart. So in true Dave fashion I wrapped up the year with a New Years Eve performance at the Revelry with Fargo Strut , Stack, Denman, and Nashville Independent Music Association Award winning Killing Grace .

Fargo Strut







Killing Grace



So no resolutions for me really, I made those 3 years ago. I’m well into my five year plan. I’m on track, making strides daily. This year is about MORE,MORE,MORE. More friends and family time , more art and music, More learning and earning…. New Year , Same Me 🙂



3 thoughts on “New year, Same me…a year in review

  1. You’re truly one of the coolest I’ve met (virtually, at least). Haha. I love what you said about “Music decorates the silence as visual art decorates a space.” It’s such a quotable quote.

    I also really like to see how much you care about your kids. It’s very heartwarming… Also, 2016 seemed to have been such a rollercoaster year for you, and it ended with awesomeness. I can’t wait to see how 2017 goes for you… Love your photos, btw.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I truly truly love this and I am so proud of you, of everything you have achieved and of being your friend. We have known each other for a along time and never did I hear you speak such profound words even though I have always been glued to everything you have to say. I value you and your opinion, but reading this allowed me a renewed glimpse into the growth 2016 and perhaps the last 3 years has brought you.
    And you did it all on your own. I’m so proud of you and you inspire me to keep striving and to reach for the stars.
    Love you my friend xoxoxxo

    Liked by 2 people

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