Top 3 ? Does not compute…

I was tagged in a social media post asking the question, “What is your top 3 songs that you always crank up in the car when they come on the radio?”

Only 3? Really? Wow, there are so many songs that I have to crank up and let the vibe take over that I don’t think I can only choose 3, least of all which are the top 3. It depends on the mood and the day, as this list would rotate hour by hour as the songs rise and fall to the top spots.

But I thought I would list some of those here. ( In no particular order 🙂 )

Motorhead! it all rocks but Ace of Spades, Killed by Death, and Whorehouse Blues come to mind

“Looks that Kill” … Motley Crue

“Big Gun” and ” Its a long way to the top”…AC/DC

“Crazy Train” …Ozzy

“Metal Health” Quiet Riot

“Dirty Little Mind” “I stand alone” and pretty much anything by …Jackyl

“Fire and Rain” James Taylor

“Soul Shine” Allman Brothers

“Put Your Lights on ” …Carlos Santana and Everlast

Give Me the Beat Boy and Free My Soul , I wanna get lost in your RocknRoll and “Drift Away” …( so shoot me) Uncle Kracker’s version is better than Dobie Gray

“Gimme One Reason” …Tracy Chapman

“Boom Boom “…John Lee Hooker

“Feels like Rain” …Buddy Guy  and Anything by Mr Guy!!!

“Smokestack Lightning”… Howling Wolf

“Damn your eyes”…Etta James

Then theres the Who, Pink Floyd and the Doors. Old Bob Seger and , and Canned Heat is still” Going up to the Country” Clapton and Stevie Ray Vaughn, BB King and Freddie King ” Crazy Woman ” by …Magic Slim. Jim Croce and Johhny Cash.

Anything by Jimi Hendrix …Damn this could go on and on lol. Too many favorites that I have to crank up the volume. I might do a top one hundred one day lol. But tonight I must act like I want to be rested for work tomorrow and wrap this up. A couple More before I go, on the more local ( but spreading ) level.

“Untouchable”,and “17 Scars” … Killing Grace

“New day Rising” , ” Tear me Away” most of the “Across the Sky” album by…Fargo Strut

Ill leave you this one…which may have been the first written off of this album…”Get To High”

Peace Love and Rock N Roll!!! I’m out


4 thoughts on “Top 3 ? Does not compute…

  1. Phew that would be hard and there is no way to list only 3. I like your style and selection Mr. Rock n Roll, but like you said so perfectly, music depends on the mood and could change hourly. For me lately it has become so much more than just a great beat, as I often relate to the lyrics as if it was a message, something I have experienced or something I aspire to.
    Awesome post 🙌🏻 ❤️

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