I bought a Boorse!!

All of my life I’ve been inspired by skilled craftsmen in the arts. People who have dedicated their blood sweat and tears to developing the gifts they have been given, and living out their passion to create. Through that love of art and inspiration, I have had the pleasure of meeting and working with some incredible people as well as damn fine artists through a little group called the Smyrna Artist Cooperative.(group project post, coming soon) 🙂  That is where I had the “chance” meeting with Leah Boorse and her family.


That being said, I don’t believe in things happening by chance, We are intended to cross paths with certain people, and who knows in the beginning where those roads lead. But if the mind is open, more often than not, doors open too.  In that same vein, Sometimes things happen that could be called accidents, or mishaps , if you choose to see them as such…  but just maybe the end result is better than where you started….So is the case with this work of art that I recently purchased.

An incredible work of art with a great story behind it. 🙂


18×24 Pencil drawing with acrylic touches


I saw this piece when it was finished and really liked it and the skill with which it is drawn…  Kudos to that. But when I saw the direction it took after a painting mishap with Leah’s  daughter working in the studio… I absolutely loved it! The color against the graphite really makes the picture pop. Plus the fact that it is a woman covered in paint after a day in the studio…even sexier 🙂 I had to have it!!

To see more art by this artist and perhaps own some for yourself.. Check out

Leah Boorse at paintingpositiity.com




2 thoughts on “I bought a Boorse!!

  1. Awesome and I love it too. I have experienced with mixing medias too from time to time and I enjoy the unexpected twists and adding uniqueness to a piece. I can see why you loved the piece. 😉 great work indeed.

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