Sometimes it rains…I’m cool with that



Painting with this jazzy Morphine groove. listening to the rain on the roof…aaahhhh


Café Table in progress

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New Stuff… The natural progression of things

It’s been a productive week, and a lot of things are falling into place. I like it so much better when you get to the point of happening to stuff, rather than it always happening to you. haha.

Not to mention all the BIG things on the horizon with myself , and the Artist Co-op. My friends from Fargo Strut are working on the next album and working hard to get the music out there. Love what’s happening in that camp!!  BTW, We got the new band shirts in and they ROCK! Go up to the menu and hit the contact button if you’d like to rock one yourself.

This Celtic influenced design, with the Battle Axe and Dragon, pays homage to the band leaders roots. As the band name pays homage to his childhood roots and a love of  Memphis wrestling legend Jackie Fargo doing the Fargo Strut.

I’m going to take you back on this one, with Take Ride. This video was the first live show that “Fargo Strut” played… hosted by yours truly @ FultzFest.   Still finding themselves, this three piece version of the band features Chad Grant on bass, who happens to now be killing it with Killing Grace. Since then Tony Emerton (bass) and Mike Porter (guitar) have joined Jeffery Turner (lead guitar) and the man behind the band Billy Atkisson on drums, vocals and visions! Still love this song and thanks for letting me ride along!

And the flyer from that event…



Speak with a Fist!

Nashville Rock News… Saturday March 18th. The new CD by Killing Grace was officially released on the world. To celebrate, they threw a party at Revelry Bar and Grill in Hendersonville, TN, and played an incredible 24 song set which covered the new album and included old favorites. Big Shout Out to band manager Carla Sisco, for putting together a great show and allowing me to bring the camera along!


Selfie credit to Carla, as I lifted this from your Instagram, lol


Here are some of the photos I captured from that show.




Beginning with Belfast 6 Pack

To Kick off the show Belfast 6 Pack drove down from Knoxville, TN and sounded great! I love discovering new music!


Performing their song, ” Joe White and the Seven Whores”



Up Next was Medicine Mann

Charlie Kavanagh sings from way down deep in his soul and put on a killer show with the rest of the band!  This really got the stage and the crowd warmed up for Killing Grace!


The Main Event … Killing Grace!

I just have to say, This band is great live! It’s always high energy and interactive with the crowd, as Matthew Edmonson doesn’t allow for any dull moments between songs..Along with Colt Hendricks and Brandon Bell manning the guitars, Chad Grant on bass and Rob McKee on drums. The love these guys have for the music and each other ( the fans too, as far as that goes) really shows through this live show! Maybe it’s the ” Bloodline” 🙂


I had the pleasure of introducing my oldest son, Deven, and (soon to be) daughter-in-law Carissa to the band, and sharing some new music with them.


Matt thanks  Bob Crisp for  Emcee-ing the event.



So here we go… Enjoy a sample and let the music take you there with me, as there is a lot to look at here 🙂

IMG_3584 (2)

















17 Scars with Pam Gentry







And a good time was had by all, 🙂



Till next time…Support “local” music wherever you can. and ” Speak with a Fist” is available for digital download about anywhere you buy music !



New Band Shirts

It wont be long now , the much anticipated Fargo Strut shirts are on the way! Just like Jeffery Turner’s guitar…This badass logo screams rock n roll! Just go to the CONTACT section in the above menu to send me a message and Order yours today!


FargoStrut TShirts
White Ink on Black heavy cotton T-shirts ( official artist Proof)





Across the Sky  is Now available at several locations for digital download. Amazon is one..


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FargoStrut TShirts

I Support local music


Amos Moses and the Legend

Back on Feb. 10, I was at the Exit/In to see my friends Killing Grace and a few other bands play a cancer benefit show. That’s where I had the pleasure of meeting Chad Rowland. Guitarist for Amos Moses… I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, as I had never seen these guys before, But  I was blown away by their bluesy rocking sound! I was finally getting around to emailing him some pictures and thought Id share a few here.



Matthew Edmonson lead singer of Killing Grace enjoying the show!






Couldn’t find any of the music on youtube, but this song by Jerry Reed will let you know where the name came from with their big Cajun frontman . Haha,  Enjoy!


The last couple of days have been a little rough, and I guess it’s what I get for bragging that I never get sick. It has been at least 15 years since I last had the flu. And I really don’t know why I have been blessed with such a good immunity. I have never taken the flu shot either. Maybe my poor eating habits since moving into this house are finally catching up with me.  What started with a slight cough and sneezing at work on Monday, progressed until I was certain I might die coming home Tuesday night.. I went ahead and requested a vacation day for my next day back ( Friday) just in case.

In bed by 9pm, I didn’t really get up for any real period of time Wednesday. Nor did I Wednesday night.  It wasnt until Thursday morning around 9am before I felt I should , or could, manage a shower and some breakfast. I did manage a little cleaning today and some artwork.


Mascot for “Tennessee Moving Waters” .. Musky Fishing Guide Service



Then mostly just sat around editing photos to make myself look cool …





Top 3 ? Does not compute…

I was tagged in a social media post asking the question, “What is your top 3 songs that you always crank up in the car when they come on the radio?”

Only 3? Really? Wow, there are so many songs that I have to crank up and let the vibe take over that I don’t think I can only choose 3, least of all which are the top 3. It depends on the mood and the day, as this list would rotate hour by hour as the songs rise and fall to the top spots.

But I thought I would list some of those here. ( In no particular order 🙂 )

Motorhead! it all rocks but Ace of Spades, Killed by Death, and Whorehouse Blues come to mind

“Looks that Kill” … Motley Crue

“Big Gun” and ” Its a long way to the top”…AC/DC

“Crazy Train” …Ozzy

“Metal Health” Quiet Riot

“Dirty Little Mind” “I stand alone” and pretty much anything by …Jackyl

“Fire and Rain” James Taylor

“Soul Shine” Allman Brothers

“Put Your Lights on ” …Carlos Santana and Everlast

Give Me the Beat Boy and Free My Soul , I wanna get lost in your RocknRoll and “Drift Away” …( so shoot me) Uncle Kracker’s version is better than Dobie Gray

“Gimme One Reason” …Tracy Chapman

“Boom Boom “…John Lee Hooker

“Feels like Rain” …Buddy Guy  and Anything by Mr Guy!!!

“Smokestack Lightning”… Howling Wolf

“Damn your eyes”…Etta James

Then theres the Who, Pink Floyd and the Doors. Old Bob Seger and , and Canned Heat is still” Going up to the Country” Clapton and Stevie Ray Vaughn, BB King and Freddie King ” Crazy Woman ” by …Magic Slim. Jim Croce and Johhny Cash.

Anything by Jimi Hendrix …Damn this could go on and on lol. Too many favorites that I have to crank up the volume. I might do a top one hundred one day lol. But tonight I must act like I want to be rested for work tomorrow and wrap this up. A couple More before I go, on the more local ( but spreading ) level.

“Untouchable”,and “17 Scars” … Killing Grace

“New day Rising” , ” Tear me Away” most of the “Across the Sky” album by…Fargo Strut

Ill leave you this one…which may have been the first written off of this album…”Get To High”

Peace Love and Rock N Roll!!! I’m out