When it just feels right…

It has been a while since my last post, and a fairly hectic couple of weeks. Although I don’t mind the work…This week has been a bit more leisurely. I took off the week from the factory job to celebrate my birthday, not that I’m really celebrating it. but it just seemed like a good place to burn a weeks vacation. ūüôā ¬†AC work has been routine maintenance things and “When you have time” coil cleanings. So less urgent and I don’t really have time this week kind of attitude. I don’t guess I realized how much I needed the me time, but I have thoroughly enjoyed not living by the clock the last couple days.

So last night I was up late and browsing property for sale, still searching for a landing place since the divorce. The past 3 years have mostly been about patience and getting by cheap. Working towards no longer settling for anything less than inspiring. I think an artist needs that in his home space.

I had seen this property before on the listings and wondered what it looked like. 18 acres at a very reasonable price. I looked again last night and decided today was that day. So after calling for details from the Agent involved I set out for a drive in the country.


Past the old country church and up the hill


Turning down this road I was starting to really like the area. This was also where my GPS told me I was entering an area with little map information … proceed with caution. I have never had a¬†GPS tell me to be careful. hahaha

There were no road signs back here and I wasn’t really sure where the property was located , but as one road deadended into the other at a hard right turn… I wasn’t sure that I wasn’t entering a private driveway. As if the GPS knew to be cautious, I ran across these signs as I drove by. Not wanting to stop and take pictures this one got a little blurred. But the bottom sign says “If you are found here tonight…You’ll be found here in the morning” Haha…Well let me just turn around and get that realtor lady back on the phone ūüôā



Due to the rising cost of ammo, there will be no warning shots!

No she said, keep on driving past that , its back there a¬† good ways. ūüôā ¬†With that cleared up I continued on my search for the property.



Finally.. the place I’ve been coming to see . I backed into an opening and started up the rest of the way on foot.


A very peaceful place and full of wildlife. The birds were singing, and the wild turkeys calling. I heard the snort of a buck and eventually watched him run across the ridge above me. Two hawks screeched and sized me up  for awhile. Eventually figuring I might be two heavy to carry off, they went about their business



I walked around about an hour taking it all in, There is a lot of cleanup to do but I think its wonderful and sustainable.

There are still a lot of questions to answer before I make an offer, but this place has a great vibe to it and I would love to own it and finally take that massive step towards settling into the future.



New year, Same me…a year in review


As I reflect back over 2016…¬†I see that life is good. I’m Happy and I’m on track.


I started out with nothing, and I still have most of it left.



This past year has held some Major life events…

To begin:


Completing school in¬†February with a one hundred percent score, and one of a couple, to receive the highest HVAC¬†tech level, was something I never saw happening.¬†My best friend and now working partner has been in this business, as a sideline, for about 7 years. And for about 7 years he has been twisting my arm to come work with him. “It’s not for me” I told him. “Honestly , I’m not a real mechanically minded guy, I’m an Artist” “I really don’t think I can wrap my brain around it… I mean laws of thermal transfer, refrigeration cycles and¬†TXV metering ??? …that’s not a natural thought process for a guy who is captivated by the golden hour of sunset, or the way light seems to emit from a pretty smile.”¬† I observe things, I’m one who notices beauty in all its forms. An artist eye….¬† But it seems it was about the second class in the fall of 2015 that the light bulb just came on and it made sense. ¬†So with a Universal EPA certification and an understanding and simplifying of the diagnostic process, ¬†I have something to fall back on and continue building on. I’ve also been blessed with some invaluable field training from a great teacher with 37 years in the business.


Crane setting a rooftop unit as Jim directs the driver.



To follow my¬†completion was My twins, my BABIES ūüôā Graduated from High School in May 2016


It’s kind of surreal that all 4 of them are grown and such beautiful people. It wasn’t always easy raising them and I did work a lot …¬†but it was always fun. So many experiences and laughs when these four start drumming up memories. I love the bond they have as siblings. ūüôā ¬†It does my heart good to know they are close and can count on one another. Although I probably¬†cant take credit for that. ¬†Any problems I’ve had with their mother doesn’t change the fact that she’s tried hard to be good momma and taught them some valuable things to carry through life.




My oldest son also got engaged¬†last year to that pretty little thing on the right ūüôā


June brought yet another major event. The Divorce


It’s been a long time coming and we had been separated since about this time 3 years ago.¬† All the tragedy that was the end of that lifelong love affair¬†had already been dealt with and long since¬†healed from. The finalization just 3 days from what would have been our 25th anniversary, was viewed as a final and official freedom from a distant memory. A clean slate to officially start life anew and build it as I see fit. It’s funny though to consider,¬†how someone who was once your closest ally and bedmate, can become such a stranger over time. It is as it should be though and was a blessing in disguise.

2016 also brought me closer to a lifelong love affair with ART


As well as buying a camera and beginning to learn to use it manually. The old school me has been painting and mingling. Through association with and being a founding member of the Smyrna Artist Cooperative, I have come in contact with some pretty amazing people in our local art community. I’ve made new likeminded friends, strengthened bonds with old ones,



and for the first time in my livelong life, I participated in showing work in two shows this past year. (as well as creating its logo and media)





For the Love of Music. 2016 held a lot of live shows!!


One of my faves… Lincoln Durham at Nashville’s Exit/In



2016 saw my first CD cover design and band logo go to print

Through the friendship established with these guys, I’ve had the opportunity to meet a lot of fine musicians this year. I’ve attended a lot of live performances , and it makes me happy. Music decorates the silence as visual art decorates a space. The two are and always will be close to my heart. So¬†in true Dave fashion I¬†wrapped up the year with a New Years Eve performance at the Revelry with Fargo Strut , Stack, Denman, and Nashville Independent Music Association Award winning Killing Grace .

Fargo Strut







Killing Grace



So no resolutions for me¬†really, I made those 3 years ago. I’m well into my five year plan. I’m on track, making strides daily. This year is about MORE,MORE,MORE. More friends and family time¬†, more art and music, More learning and earning…. New Year , Same Me ūüôā



Photo I shot from Stones River Battlefield earlier this evening.


It’s ¬†midnight and with the workday starting in 5 hours, I should be sleeping. Instead I’m lying here, wide awake, listening to the rain on the tin roof . The drops banging against the windows as if they are trying to penetrate more than my mind . There’s usually peace in that sound for me…but tonight it just sounds lonely.

It’s no doubt going to be a long Monday .


Inspiration is …

Wherever you find it.

A look inside the mind of an artist and how the thought process goes. This is how new work begins before the last one ends

I ran across a picture today that changed the course of my thought process the rest of the day… Being off today and nothing but creative time planned, I was free to do that. I love days like that where the mind is allowed¬†to be inspired and follow the course of wherever that leads it…


Crazy as it sounds. I looked up and reread little red riding hood…both by Grimm and Charles Perrault

I sent this pic to my friend and model..with a message, I want to do some of this experimenting with my camera. #allthebigbadwolveswanttoeatyou
I remembered a song by Sam the Sham and the Pharoahs…
I texted the youtube video to a friend with a rockband saying I could hear you remaking this…Awesome lyrics. I thought Jace Everett had but I couldn’t find it if he did.
I listened to some Jace Everett in¬†the process¬†… just because he’s cool…
 I began to study the meaning behind the fairy tale of riding hood and its sexual undertones and symbolism. As well as just a general warning of being leary of strangers. I copied this text about the meaning of the forest in literature.

The Meaning of the Forest (source: https://owlcation.com/misc/red_riding_hood)

Lost in the woods?

In many fairy tales the main character (the protagonist) must go in the forest. It seems trees are an endless source of inspiration in folklore. There are many speculations why the forest is so important but we can also stick to the obvious: most of the people in medieval or pre-medieval times lived near forests.

People’s existence was closely related to wood from practically forever, but forests also represent unknown, although very serious, danger.

In psychoanalysis a forest symbolizes unconsciousness. Leonard Lutwack goes even further and he labels it as untamed feminine sexuality. Why? The forest is a very fertile place, but it is also wild, uncultivated, and unpredictable.

It is not a coincidence so many popular heroes and heroines (Red Cap, Snow White, Hansel and Gretel, Goldilocks) must get lost in the woods just to come back as more responsible (and we can say domesticated) persons.

The transformation role of the forest is obvious.

Even if the main character doesn’t enter the woods, something important can happen there (for instance: the name of Rumpelstiltskin is hidden in the woods and the Goose Girl lost her identity in the forest and in some cases forest represents the enemy itself (remember Sleeping Beauty and her rescuers?).

I took a walk through the woods in my head… to places I have visited that would make the right backdrop and are local.

I laid out mental scenes and looked for costume.

At the end of the day. I never got any painting done and now I’m heading out¬†for the evening.. ¬†But that’s ok too. I spent the day inspired and set up some future work .

Life is good ūüôā

Do you get sidetracked like that too when inspiration hits  ?

Wild Impassioned Madness…


Poetry based, loosely, on true events of the recent super moon


Super¬†moon shining, through an open window pane. I sense your presence closer, calling out my name…A face appears from shadows, above silhouetted breasts, Tearing at the blankets, clawing at my chest…

A tempest brews deep inside you, I can see it in your eyes… I feel your warmth and wetness, the quiver of your thighs… I taste the coming storm, upon the tip of my tongue, Wild Impassioned Madness, Just like when we were young…

Daylight comes as I awake, reaching across an empty bed… I search the room to my dismay..

Had I drempt it all in my head?

As I laid there in the silence, backstepping through my tracks,

If none of this has happened , How’d I get these scratches down my back?



So, what’s with all these vivid dreams lately ???


Day 2, Prodigal Son …

It’s been a leisure Saturday morning and the string of gorgeous days continue here in Middle Tennessee.¬†Reflecting this morning while walking around the yard, I thought about life over the last few years and how things have changed for me. It wasn’t where I pictured myself 20 years ago as the kids would be grown and moving on. Living alone with very few possessions¬†at this time was the furthest thing from what I thought I wanted…

Although I have spoken badly of her to very few. (For the sake of my four beautiful children) The first 6 months to a year after the separation had me as fucked up as I could possibly be. I doubted myself , I questioned my actions, I wondered where I went wrong. How could I have fallen so deeply in love, for most of my life, with such a back stabbing bitch?.

That’s the time when I really threw myself back into the painting and artwork.. I turned off the TV and for awhile I chose to sit in the dark and silence. I cried, I broke things in anger…my sketches and paintings were a little twisted and dark…

“One of my Turns” 8×10 acrylic on canvas



Through it all ¬†I started to¬†turn my thoughts inward rather than blaming her and broke down every piece of it. In the silence I found myself. ¬†What was my fault I began to own it. What was her fault I let go of it.¬†I turned up the music and began to just BE, as I reclaimed who I was.¬†¬†The 20 year old dreamer was still in there and over the last couple of years I have come to realize…

Completely happy IS where I thought I would be today!


With that I give you day 2 of the music video challenge as tagged by Rhapsody Boheme¬†…Lincoln Durham …I have returned like “The Prodigal Son”

The muse…

More art posted on¬†the¬† “my Art” page… Here’s a behind the scenes on how this piece came about.

“Call Me” Acrylic canvas¬†-David Fultz


This painting was inspired by a friend¬†,¬†a muse of sorts.¬†¬†We only met once as there are many miles between us…. Also an artist we had things in common and discussed a lot of different things over the phone and got to know one another over a period of several months. Inspiring art through conversation was something we shared. It may be a twenty minute sketch challenge to illustrate a conversation we were having, just different things. She liked being the muse really …Life has taken us separate directions and we don’t talk much anymore¬†but Ill remember her fondly for being an inspiration.

While preparing the entry forms for an art show I entered this in, someone asked what was the title. “I don’t know… but she looks a whole lot like, Call Me”.¬†¬†She does¬†and that’s where the title came from. Now you know a little more behind the scenes on this piece . Check out the My Art link at the top of this page for more work. And thanks for stopping by