Beauty of a Beast



2010 FX4 F150 Supercrew, Off Road edition





Who needs a cd changer? This truck has  Recording capability… 188 hours of music stored in the Jukebox


It’s been a long time coming!

So I finally splurged a little on myself,  It’s not new, but its new to me. I’ve wanted this truck since it came out in 2010. I just can’t see spending $50,000 on a vehicle. So I may never buy a brand new one. But so many areas of this vehicle is like new! It’s in outstanding condition and I couldn’t be more pleased with my purchase.

I remember back to raising 4 kids and trying to give them the best of every opportunity. A vehicle in those days had two requirements. “Can I fit them all in it?” and “Is it mechanically sound?” Color, interior, options, were not really a priority. And most of the time not an option to even consider as the object was always to keep the outgo freed up.

Now that they are all grown and I still work my ass off like when they were young… I refused to settle this time for anything less than exactly what I wanted. An all black F150 , 4 full doors, 4 wheel drive, with leather interior and Bluetooth hands free syncing. Built in Navigation was a want but not a have to. A back up camera would be nice, but they sell those… As was premium sound to meet my music fix. This truck has all that and more. Actually, I’m still discovering the more 🙂

Finally, A truck to suit all my wants and needs A beast that’s as “Bad as Me”





…I ain’t weird, I don’t tie myself up first or nothing…


The  intro to this beautiful song is just too funny… Kind of speaks of  my current life. LOL

Starting a new work tonight, FINALLY, An Indian themed piece that I’ve been contemplating for a while… 48×48 acrylic on wood panel


This should get interesting…

Stay tuned.



Discovering “Old” Music…


The best thing about Tom Waits…

There seems to be no end to discovering new songs… is it blues ? is it jazz ? maybe folk rock? However you classify it, the unique sound and lyrical genius of Waits always pulls you in, waiting to see what line he will sing next!

Here is one of the albums I’ve been grooving on this week while I create new artwork.

The 1999 album “Mule Variations” won a grammy for best contemporary folk album. And the song Hold On was nominated for Best male rock performance. The album wraps up with one of my favorites …Come On Up to the House


Scene from ” Hell Broke Luce”




And then there’s this!!! ” Satisfaction”