Too Young

From artists to friends to family of friends…way too many deaths this week. my heart is heavy tonight




Catastrophe Averted

Well a lot has transpired since my last post, and the property that “just feels right.”


It wasn’t right at all…

Let me explain… On the day I found this property for sale, I must say I was fully enamored by the privacy, the tranquility,  the natural setting away from city traffic and incessant sirens that seem to scream at all hours lately. Maybe they always have and now I’m just really growing weary of this city life, so I notice it more. I have been longing to start on home, wherever that may have turned out to be.


So I proceeded to contact my real estate agent and began the process of officially making an offer. I sent him the address. I contacted the bank, told them of the 18 acres I had found and the price and was prequalified to carry on. Everything was going well.

My family being outdoor people, I summoned those who were available, one son and my nephew, and went to look again. Anxious to show them what I was attempting to purchase.

Upon our arrival,  and deterring our exploring… the neighbor, Bill, from down the road came to see who was visiting. Being the only one who has lived back that far for the last ten years. I was glad he did. He told me of the surrounding properties and the utilities available. The things he has encountered building his dream home, a 4000 sf 2 story, log house that he constructed himself. We exchanged information about our livelihoods, and Bill is retired and working on his 3rd book. I told him of my similar dreams to have an inspiring place to create art… Roughly 45 minutes had passed and we had not looked at the property at all. But it was ok though . The conversation solidified my desire to move into this place.

Bill confided that he has actually dissuaded a couple of potential suitors. Just a gut feeling,  Either he didn’t like their plan for the property and his value or just a general dislike of the potential new neighbor.  I guess he liked me ok because he was a wealth of good information. haha

Meanwhile on the other side of town my realtor was typing up our offer. More than ever I felt good about the situation. I can’t remember now the wording I used, or How exactly the words “18 acres” was mentioned… but that’s when Bill informed me “oh no sir, this is 26 acres. You have to drive around and come in at the other end of the road to see the 18.

1 perkins hollow rd

The agent had told me there were two properties owned by this woman, but there are no street signs on this little gravel road. No house numbers painted on the curb. I was looking at the wrong property.

I had drove past the other one earlier that day as I was trying to convince a friend to be my neighbor. Thinking that the two must be joined at the back of the property line.  Also incorrect!!  haha. With that property being almost entirely down a steep decline from the road , I had even wondered how you would be able to access it without a burro or a pack mule. I had decided that was not even an option. Though unknowingly I was getting ready to make an offer on it! lol.

About the time those words came out of his mouth An email hit my phone with all of the docs for me to officially sign on the offer.  Quickly I contacted him and said hold up!! We have to regroup. It’s the 26 acres I want but the bank has to re-pre-qualify me. on the price difference . What a fiasco that could have turned out to be. hahaha

I have since confirmed the locale and the acreage, Accepted and Signed her counter offer and have begun discussing home plans with my sister, the interior design specialist .

barn house

I have a long road ahead of me but if the current owner can establish that the land will perc , and is suitable for building… This long road will take me home. 🙂

When it just feels right…

It has been a while since my last post, and a fairly hectic couple of weeks. Although I don’t mind the work…This week has been a bit more leisurely. I took off the week from the factory job to celebrate my birthday, not that I’m really celebrating it. but it just seemed like a good place to burn a weeks vacation. 🙂  AC work has been routine maintenance things and “When you have time” coil cleanings. So less urgent and I don’t really have time this week kind of attitude. I don’t guess I realized how much I needed the me time, but I have thoroughly enjoyed not living by the clock the last couple days.

So last night I was up late and browsing property for sale, still searching for a landing place since the divorce. The past 3 years have mostly been about patience and getting by cheap. Working towards no longer settling for anything less than inspiring. I think an artist needs that in his home space.

I had seen this property before on the listings and wondered what it looked like. 18 acres at a very reasonable price. I looked again last night and decided today was that day. So after calling for details from the Agent involved I set out for a drive in the country.


Past the old country church and up the hill


Turning down this road I was starting to really like the area. This was also where my GPS told me I was entering an area with little map information … proceed with caution. I have never had a GPS tell me to be careful. hahaha

There were no road signs back here and I wasn’t really sure where the property was located , but as one road deadended into the other at a hard right turn… I wasn’t sure that I wasn’t entering a private driveway. As if the GPS knew to be cautious, I ran across these signs as I drove by. Not wanting to stop and take pictures this one got a little blurred. But the bottom sign says “If you are found here tonight…You’ll be found here in the morning” Haha…Well let me just turn around and get that realtor lady back on the phone 🙂



Due to the rising cost of ammo, there will be no warning shots!

No she said, keep on driving past that , its back there a  good ways. 🙂  With that cleared up I continued on my search for the property.



Finally.. the place I’ve been coming to see . I backed into an opening and started up the rest of the way on foot.


A very peaceful place and full of wildlife. The birds were singing, and the wild turkeys calling. I heard the snort of a buck and eventually watched him run across the ridge above me. Two hawks screeched and sized me up  for awhile. Eventually figuring I might be two heavy to carry off, they went about their business



I walked around about an hour taking it all in, There is a lot of cleanup to do but I think its wonderful and sustainable.

There are still a lot of questions to answer before I make an offer, but this place has a great vibe to it and I would love to own it and finally take that massive step towards settling into the future.


Beauty of a Beast



2010 FX4 F150 Supercrew, Off Road edition





Who needs a cd changer? This truck has  Recording capability… 188 hours of music stored in the Jukebox


It’s been a long time coming!

So I finally splurged a little on myself,  It’s not new, but its new to me. I’ve wanted this truck since it came out in 2010. I just can’t see spending $50,000 on a vehicle. So I may never buy a brand new one. But so many areas of this vehicle is like new! It’s in outstanding condition and I couldn’t be more pleased with my purchase.

I remember back to raising 4 kids and trying to give them the best of every opportunity. A vehicle in those days had two requirements. “Can I fit them all in it?” and “Is it mechanically sound?” Color, interior, options, were not really a priority. And most of the time not an option to even consider as the object was always to keep the outgo freed up.

Now that they are all grown and I still work my ass off like when they were young… I refused to settle this time for anything less than exactly what I wanted. An all black F150 , 4 full doors, 4 wheel drive, with leather interior and Bluetooth hands free syncing. Built in Navigation was a want but not a have to. A back up camera would be nice, but they sell those… As was premium sound to meet my music fix. This truck has all that and more. Actually, I’m still discovering the more 🙂

Finally, A truck to suit all my wants and needs A beast that’s as “Bad as Me”




New Stuff… The natural progression of things

It’s been a productive week, and a lot of things are falling into place. I like it so much better when you get to the point of happening to stuff, rather than it always happening to you. haha.

Not to mention all the BIG things on the horizon with myself , and the Artist Co-op. My friends from Fargo Strut are working on the next album and working hard to get the music out there. Love what’s happening in that camp!!  BTW, We got the new band shirts in and they ROCK! Go up to the menu and hit the contact button if you’d like to rock one yourself.

This Celtic influenced design, with the Battle Axe and Dragon, pays homage to the band leaders roots. As the band name pays homage to his childhood roots and a love of  Memphis wrestling legend Jackie Fargo doing the Fargo Strut.

I’m going to take you back on this one, with Take Ride. This video was the first live show that “Fargo Strut” played… hosted by yours truly @ FultzFest.   Still finding themselves, this three piece version of the band features Chad Grant on bass, who happens to now be killing it with Killing Grace. Since then Tony Emerton (bass) and Mike Porter (guitar) have joined Jeffery Turner (lead guitar) and the man behind the band Billy Atkisson on drums, vocals and visions! Still love this song and thanks for letting me ride along!

And the flyer from that event…